90% Isn’t Enough

It seems like most of the church is 90 percent committed. They’re committed enough to God to attend church and maybe even serve in some capacity. They’re committed enough to give a portion of they’re income as long as they’re sure they have some extra. Most of the church is even committed enough to reach out and help people within the community.

However, most of the church is only committed 90 percent. What if they exceeded the 90 and became 100 percent committed to Christ and His cause? What if they were willing to not only serve in the church, but become a PART OF the church? What if they were committed another 10 percent and gave their time, talent, and tithe in faith that God will provide? What if the church was willing to commit another 10 percent and be intentional with reaching lost people.

What if the other 10 percent is the portion that fosters permanent life change?

I don’t know what it takes for people to exceed the 90 percent mark and move to 100, but if we all did it, the world would be changed forever.

It’s only 10 percent, but less than everything just isn’t enough!

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