Blessed and Humbled

Melissa and I took the last few days of last week to spend some time at the beach. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate for us to spend a lot of time on the beach, but we still had a blast! It’s amazing that there is someone in life that you always have fun with, no matter what you’re doing…Melissa is that person for me. While at the beach, I always feel extremely blessed, and extremely humble…

  • I’m blessed to have a family that helped me make lasting memories when I was growing up. Going to the beach always allows me to relive some of those great childhood vacation memories.
  • I’m blessed to have an amazing wife that loves Jesus, loves me, and is a blast to be around. I know we’re still in the “honeymoon” phase of our marriage, but it could get a lot worse and still be great!! :-)
  • I’m humbled that out of all of creation, He chooses to let me do His work!
  • I’m humbled that He allows me to speak truth into people’s lives. I don’t have anything more figured out than they do, but He still lets me speak and minister to people on a regular basis…what a privilege!
  • I’m humbled that God loves me. The older I get and the more I think I have it figured out, the more God reminds me of how big He is and how fortunate I am that He loves me.
Just a few thoughts running through my head.

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