Prepare the Way (Part 2)

Our job is to prepare the way for Christ to do His work. However, John also offers some insight into how we do this here.

We see that honesty is important. John didn’t try to sugarcoat anything. John didn’t try to be politically correct. John didn’t apologize for the truth. John was honest with His message.
When we refuse to admit that God hates sin. When we refuse to admit that people will go to a literal place called hell. When we refuse to admit that there is only one Way, we are robbing people of the truth.
Our job isn’t to convince people to surrender to Christ, our job is to present the truth as honestly and as best as possible…
  • Through our life
  • Through our preaching
  • Through our leading
  • Through our reaction to difficulty
  • Through out brutal honesty with friends
  • Through following our convictions
  • Through having tough conversations
  • Through our loving spirit
  • Through our living testimony
Don’t be afraid of the truth. Don’t make excuses for what you believe. Live to prepare the way for Christ’s saving power.

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