Prepare the Way (Part 1)

We’re all familiar with the story of John the Baptist. His work is noted several times throughout the Gospels.

John had one single goal and calling…to prepare the way for Christ. John called for people to repent and be baptized with water in the expectancy of a Savior.
John knew his role and obeyed it. We have the same role…
Our job is to prepare the road for Christ to work in people’s lives. Sometimes we try and step out of the bounds by doing more. We try and “convert” people all by ourselves. That’s not our job.
Some people actually end up doing the opposite of preparing the way for Christ. Some use Christ to elevate their own status. Some live such a bad example of Christ that others aren’t prepared, but rather discouraged.
We’re not the apex of Creation and time, Christ is. We’re not the ones that can bring about salvation through repentance, Christ is. We’re not the ones that forgive people for their sins, Christ is.
We’re the ones that prepare the way. What a privilege!

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