Extraordinary Sinners

Tonight at Pneuma, we’re wrapping up our “Yes, Even You” series. Last week we talked about how God can use Ordinary People and tonight we’re going to talk about how God wants to use Extraordinary Sinners. Here are some key concepts to understand when we look at our sinful nature and God’s desire to use us:

You Are Who You Are (Acts 22:4)
The truth is, we all sin, need forgiveness, and will never be perfect. The truth is also that we could never earn God’s grace, or do anything to be good enough. We don’t even have the ability to do the Kingdom any good on our own.
He Is Who He Is (Acts 22:6-8)
Christ is the only one that can give us salvation or worth. We’re nothing without Him. A meeting with Christ won’t leave us the same. We can’t be in the presence of Christ and leave the way we entered…He changes us. A true experience with Christ leads to action, not tolerance for our own sin.
We Can Be Who He Wants Us To Be
God’s desire is to use us. He has a plan for us and a purpose for our life. No matter what we’ve done or haven’t done in our past, He can use us. We often don’t live up to our full potential in Christ because we refuse to be disciplined enough to follow Him wherever He leads.

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