Living in Denial

We all say that we would never do it. We all declare that we would be faithful when put in the situation. Peter even said that he would never deny the fact that he belonged to Christ. Yet, when it got down to it, Peter denied Jesus. In fact, Peter denied his association with Jesus 3 times.

It’s easy for us to look at Matthew 14 and think that we would never do what Peter did, but we actually do it more often than we think.
  • We deny the death of Jesus when we ignore our convictions and choose to disobey.
  • We deny the saving power of Christ when we miss opportunities to be a witness for Him and preach His truth.
  • We deny the power of Jesus when we worry about the natural, ignoring His supernatural power.
  • We deny transforming power of Christ when we say that God doesn’t change people.
The last verse in Matthew 14 says that Peter wept when he realized what he had done. That’s the same approach we must take. We must be repentant and seek that which we deny.

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