Play the Game or Lead the Life

Following Christ isn’t a game we play, it’s a life we lead.
I Twittered this comment a few weeks ago. Truth is, most of the Church (I use the term loosly) plays a Christ following game. Too many times, people make Christianity about a game of make-believe. They make believe like they have a life changing relationship with Jesus when in truth, it hasn’t changed them at all. They look the part, talk the talk, but their hearts have never been surrendered to Christ.
These people will eventually (without truly accepting the saving power of Jesus) live an unfulfilled life and die into an eternity separate from God. It’s a tough truth, but following Christ requires surrender, not make believe.
I can’t imagine where I would be without Christ. I can’t imagine how it would feel without having my heart fully surrendered to God Almighty. However, that’s where much of the Church stands…lost. Much of the Church hasn’t allowed Jesus to change their lives and therefor, can’t possibly know Him.
I’m not perfect, but I do know that each time I meet with God, He changes me. He convicts me, teaches me, challenges me, and shares His love for me. Each time I meet with God, I change for His sake. I can’t possibly realize the love God has for me and not want to please Him.
However, that’s where a lot of the Church stands…lost and without a Savior. That’s why it has never been more important and vital for those that have been changed by the love of Christ to help others discover His love for them. The time has never been better, the situation has never been more urgent, and God has never been more loving. The only questions is, do you have what He’s calling you to give to others?
If you do, don’t just play the game…lead the life.

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