Thoughts From ONE

Benjamin and I attended NewSpring’s ONE Conversation yesterday. It was great to learn in a reduced sized atmosphere. Here are a few things I took away from the experience…

  • We can’t expect to lead people to places we’ve never been or aren’t willing to go ourselves.
  • We have to be desperate to hear from God…the stakes are too high not to be.
  • Relationships matter a lot…if we’re unwilling to build relationships with those that we lead, they’ll most likely be unwilling to go where we’re leading them.
  • We’re really just followers leading other followers. We have to be dedicated to following God and His calling.
  • We have to protect our passion for Christ and for ministry. The enemy will try to take it from us, burnout will come, and we will be in agony if we don’t have a passion for God and His calling.
  • Don’t water down anything, no matter what age you’re targeting (already aware of that, just needs to be constantly repeated).

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