From Here to There and Still Here

Why is it, when you get from here to there, you’re still here?

I found this little brain teaser on my Google homepage earlier. It was meant to be funny, but for me, it was also thought provoking.
I think this explains many of us. We work so hard to get to the next place we think will finally satisfy us, only to realize, we still feel the same.
Each stage of life seems to bring on a new set of disappointments and worries. While we think that the next stage will offer a relief and will be better, the truth is, it still won’t feel like it’s where we want to be.
I think it’s because we aren’t happy with ourselves in either stage. If you’re not really happy with who you are, where you are, you’re not going to be happy with your self where you’re going.
The solution?

We have to find peace with ourselves no matter where we are. We can’t be satisfied with where we are with Christ, but we have to be tapped into the peace, joy, and hope that He brings.
Any more thoughts?

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