Back Up Your Pastor

It’s often disturbing to see how many people within the Church find it necessary to abandon their pastor. It’s not just one incident, or one church that I see this in, it’s the church in general. Whether it be a body within the church not trusting the man they called to be their pastor enough to allow him to make decisions, or talking about a pastor to other people, it seems as though people have forgotten what respect the pastoral position deserves.

Some people find it necessary to second guess everything the pastor says or decides. Others find it important to not allow the pastor any rights to make decisions. Whatever the case may be, it’s awful that we have taken all authority and respect away from the people God has called to lead His church.
We demand the pastor to be at certain events, to help out in time of need, and to minister to those in the church and community, but often don’t empower them to do so. If God has called someone to lead His Church, who are we to doubt that they can do it?
I understand that some pastors take advantage of the authority and respect they have been given, but we can’t allow that to taint our idea of the role of a pastor. The pastor is the Shepard. His job is to lead and preach the Word. When we fail to allow him to lead the church and don’t give him the respect he deserves, we are undermining God’s plan.
So, wherever you attend church, whoever that church has called to lead them, allow them to lead. Support your pastor and be an encourager to them. It’s not an easy job as it is, they don’t need us making it harder!

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