Think About It

Here are some recent things that God has spoken to me at some pretty random times throughout the day. Take some time to think through some of these and see if they speak to your life as well…

Following Christ is not a game we play, it’s a life we lead.

Our wildest dreams could be God’s holy vision.

What I see as a nuisance, God sees as an opportunity.

Some people use God to further their agenda while God wants to use us to further His kingdom.

Why place value on temporal things when an eternal God has placed value on you?

Following Christ isn’t about convenience, it’s about commitment.

We still believe God can perform miracles, raise the dead, and heal the world, we just doubt that He’ll do it in, through, or around us.

We make church into something you do, forgetting that it’s something you be.

What’s God been speaking into your life?

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