Keep Moving

Mark 4:35 is kind of one of those verses that we usually skim over to get to the next story of Jesus. We sometimes feel like we don’t even have to read those transitional parts in scripture. However, there’s some great insight in these little tid bits of the Bible.

Jesus and His disciples got in the boat to go to the other side of the lake. They were going to the other side so that Jesus could minister to the people and continue to fulfill the calling God had given Him. Mark 4 goes on to say that Jesus and His disciples left the crowd behind when they got in the boat.
Here’s the insight:
Jesus left a crowd to go to the next place God was calling Him to go. Sure, the people on that side of the lake could have probably used some more healing and teaching, but Jesus realized that God wasn’t calling Him to stay, He was calling Jesus to move forward.
So, Jesus left the crowd to do something even better…follow the call of His Father.
I think we aren’t very good at leaving the crowd for the better things that God has for us. If things are going well with what we’re doing, we find it hard to move one to the next place God has for us. New places mean less comfortability, and in the case of Jesus and His disciples in Mark 4, it is sometimes a little tough getting there.
Don’t stay stagnant because of comfortability! Keep moving forward. Keep looking for the next step in God’s plan. Sure, what you’re doing may have worked before, but God has something better.

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