You Are the One!

I’ve noticed a trend in many people’s lives. Most people believe God did what He said He did and believe that He can still do it, they just don’t believe He can do it in, through, or around them.

I don’t have a survey from research, but I can prove it. Here are different types of Christians…
Those that have been saved by grace but have forgotten what it was like to still be lost. This person doesn’t have a heart for lost people and deep down believes that some people don’t deserve to hear about the good news of Christ.
Those that are in church and have been in church for a while, but are still at the same spiritual level that they were when they first entered the church. These people hear the sermons, can tell the stories better than most seminary graduates, but don’t allow it to change their lives. They think they have it and it’s good enough for them. These people don’t truly believe that God can or will use them, so they sit on the sidelines. Usually, these are the ones that complian when OTHERS don’t do it like they say they would (if they did anything of course).
Those that are Christians, are regularly growing in love and obedience to God. These people are growing in their relationship with Christ, they just fail to be used to their full potential. They believe God can work and has worked, they just don’t feel like He wants to use them for something significant. They doubt that God will use them because they’re humble enough to realize their own faults. These people are being developed, so they could easily break out and be tremendously used.
Those that are new Christians. These may believe that God can do something extraordinary through them more than any of the others. They’ve just recieved God’s grace and felt His forgiveness and are on a mission to pass it along. However, many of these people still don’t feel like the know enough or are strong enough to start a revolution for Christ.
Now, I’m not saying that every “Christian” fits one of these, but it’s certainly a broad look at many Christians. We have to come to the realization that God can and wants to use us. As a matter of fact, we need to EXPECT Him to do something beyond ourselves through us. It’s always God’s will to grow us and use us for His glory, but it’s not going to happen until we stop waiting on others to start the revolution and start expecting God to use us to start it!

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