Walking In the Desert

Being in a dry place spiritually can be a very difficult thing. Sometimes when we’re in these dry spells, it feels as if God is no where to be seen. It seems like no matter how hard we seek Him, we feel He’s moved further away.

While I’m currently amazed at what God’s teaching me and in awe of what He’s revealing to me right now, I’ve experienced my share of spiritual dry spots. Here are 4 things that I think can help us when we’re going through spiritual deserts (they can also help keep us out of them)…
WORK– Our relationship with Christ requires work. It requires us being willing to spend time alone with God. When we’re in a dry spell, often God can do things in our life and us not realize it. That’s why it’s important that we continue to work on our relationship with God. No matter how frustrating it may be, continue to practice discipline in the area of spending time with God. Spend enough time to allow God to WORK in you.
WORD– It’s God’s great plan of redemption. It’s useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training (2 Tim. 3:16). It’s a must for Christians. We must dive into God’s word. No matter how mundane it may become, or how much we seem to be understanding, we must continually read, meditate on, and study God’s word. During spiritual dry seasons, encouragement, training, teaching, and conviction can come from the word of God.
WORSHIP– God deserves our worship. Many times in the midst of worshiping God, we realize our need for Him and grow in our appreciation for His love. Often our worship of Him refreshes our spiritual lives. Remember, true worship requires our pure heart (Ps. 51:10). Repentance should accompany worship.
WONDER– Recently, I’ve began to take more time to stand in wonder to what God does in me, through me, and around me. Taking time to go outside on a clear night and look at the stars or taking the time to sit by a stream during the day can often refresh us spiritually. It’s a method of worship that many times we overlook. In my personal life, I’ve noticed that when I see what God has made and stand in wonder of it, I gain a new appreciation and motivation for Him.
I have no idea where you are spiritually, but I can guarantee that out of all the people that read this blog, some of you are in a dry season spiritually. However, no matter where you are, these 4 things will help you move to the next level.
What have you found useful during dry seasons in your spiritual life? What did you learn?

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