What God’s Doing to Me

Lately God has been giving me a new picture of Him, me, the world, and life. God has been teaching me that He is a holy, omniscient, omnipotent, and loving God. He’s teaching me that He is present in my life as much as I am.

I know that seems simple. I know that many of us have a head knowledge of that concept, and even have memorized verses of scripture to prove it…I do too. Lately though, God has been giving me a heart and spiritual knowledge of it. I have to say, it is revolutionizing my thoughts, priorities, goals, and life.
The fact that God is holy above everything else, present in my life, and loving enough to act on my behalf simple blows me away! Who am I that He would love me? What have I done that He would desire to hear from me and receive my love?
The answer…nothing. His holy and loving character makes Him want to love and act in my life. His character makes me worth His time, not me! This is blowing me away!
Here are some questions God’s put on my heart to honestly answer…
  • Knowing God is right here, do I do something different?
  • Is what I do good, or Godly?
  • What must leave my life in order for His holiness to shine through?
  • What do I do in my personal life that hurts my ability to minister to His people?
  • What people do I need to reach out to so that they can better understand the love and holiness of God?
PS: I wish I had scripture or something to give you so that you could see where this is coming from, but it’s really coming from a lot of places. God teaches me through His word, people, prayer, and meditating on Him.
God, thank you for doing all of the work! I don’t have it within me to earn your love. Thank you for being holy, powerful, and loving in my life! You are ever present in my life…not to cause me grief when I do wrong, but to pick me up and make me better. Thank you!

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