Voided Integrity

Leadership is void if the leader is void of integrity.

Integrity is rare to find in today’s world. It seems like every week we are learning about another leader doing something to disqualify themselves to lead. It seems like all people, especially leaders have forgotten the importance of integrity. It seems to be an epidemic that continues to spread.
Lack of integrity in leadership has to stop somewhere. Within the church, it is impossible for a leader to be effective (at least long term) without a high grade of integrity.
This is where the challenge, I believe, falls on the young leaders that God has called to lead His Church. If the epidemic is going to stop, it has to begin with the young leaders and the leaders of the younger generation.
Young leaders, your integrity does matter. What you are doing today will effect you in the future. What you think you are getting by with now, will eventually disqualify you for the prize. Instead, show a high level of integrity where you are now. Whether you are leading a high school, collegiate ministry, youth group, or church, your integrity now matters! Don’t allow your leadership efforts to turn up void because you voided your integrity!

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