God is Consistent

God’s consistency and never changing attributes are a vital part of His character. I know it sounds odd, but God’s consistency is important to His character.

God’s being consistent allows Him to always be the same. He’s always equally powerful, loving, and omnipotent. Because God is consistent, He keeps His promises and always follows through with His plans. Because God is consistent, we can look back on past experiences and circumstances in which God has acted and know that He has the potential to do the same in ours. We can look back on scripture and see how God reached out to His people and know that He’s reaching out to us. We can look back on a miracle that God has done in some else’s life and know that He can do it in ours as well. We can look back and see how God has made the impossible possible and know that He’s still capable today.
The fact that God never changes may seem like a small part of His character, but it carries a lot of weight. Of course, while consistency is important, God isn’t God unless He holds all the characteristics that He has.
As churches all across the world wrap up the “One Prayer” series, fill in this blank…God is ______.

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