Why Run When You Can Fly?

Last night, Melissa and I were headed to church when a bird started running across the road in front of us. Thinking that the bird would soon take off and start flying, I kept going the same speed. The next thing I knew, I had hit the stupid bird. I looked in my rear view mirror to see him rolling across the road from the impact. Melissa, feeling sorry for the bird said, “What happened?” I told her that the bird was RUNNING across the road. I asked her why in the world a bird would run across the road when it could have been flying. That got me to thinking…

We do the same thing. God gives us the opportunity to be over comers and more than conquerors. God gives us the opportunity to live in freedom every day of our lives. However, often we choose the ordinary over the extraordinary. We choose bondage rather than freedom. Often times, we choose to walk by ourselves when God is calling us to fly with Him.
When we allow God to change our lives, we begin to fly. When we allow Him to lead us through life and have fun doing it, we choose to fly. When we choose to go through the motions and live life on our own terms, we choose to walk through life.
Today, begin to spread your wings. Today, don’t run when you can fly!

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