What I’m Learning From Children

I love the time I get to spend with the children of CBC! Investing in children is a crucial thing that the church MUST do. I’m so privileged and humbled that I get to play a part in it. Often times, I feel as if they are actually helping and teaching me more than I do for them. Every time I see children worshipping God or eagerly learning about God, I always walk away refreshed. Here are some of the things the kids have been teaching me…

God wants us. God doesn’t want to see someone faking their way through life. God wants to see His children being authentic with Him and the people around them.
Sometimes it’s good not to know any better. Children may not know much about the way the world works or always know how to “behave” in public, but they are certainly true to themselves. It gives them the ability to be authentic with their faith.
Worship comes from the heart. True worship isn’t fabricated or done by a set of rules. True worship involves us doing anything we know to do to celebrate God.
Problems are small and God is big. Often times, children come to church upset, but within 5-10 minutes, they forget all about their problems and begin to celebrate how big God is.
We should be eager to learn. Children hang on every word they hear (at least for a little while). They are eager to know more about the One that created them.

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