Thoughts From 1 John 1

1 John is one of my favorite books in the Bible. It doesn’t matter how many times I read through it, I always leave with a new truth and a fresh perspective. Recently, I’ve been reading through it for our Pneuma (youth worship experience at CBC) kickoff series, “Deere John.” Here are some of my thoughts while reading…
  • The message of Christ is true! There were witnesses to everything that Christ did. Those witnesses lived with Christ, walked with Christ, saw what He did, and then told about it. They knew that later, people would doubt them, so they give us an eyewitness account.
  • We have to be in the light. We have to walk in the truth and love that comes from Christ. So much of the Church, refuses to walk in the light because they don’t want to stand out. A lot of people refuse to walk in the light because walking in the light means getting uncomfortable. However, to have fellowship with God (reserved for those forgiven) we must be in the light. I would have to think, if all those that claim to be in the light really were, it would be a less dark place!
  • Jesus is the only one that cleanses us from sin! We can’t earn it. We don’t deserve it. All we can do is receive it. It’s all Him. It’s not dependant upon something we do. It’s all Him. It’s about His grace. It’s about His love.
  • We’ve all messed up. Go ahead, admit it! You’ve messed up! Now that you’ve admitted it, God can forgive you for it. See, admittance really is the first step to recovery! God wants to revive you! It must come from Him, it must be real, but Jesus forgives!

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