This Excites Me!!

Last night was the salvation emphasis night at our annual VBS. I got to be the one to tell the greatest story ever!

It always excites me to tell the story of Christ from His lowest to His highest point. I especially love to tell the story to children and watch their eyes light up as if they’re hearing it for the first time. Nothing excites me more than hearing about and telling about Jesus!
Nothing excites me more than telling the greatest story ever lived and then seeing people respond to it with repentance. Each time I tell it, it’s like it’s new to me. The fact that a perfect Savior would die for an imperfect human like myself still amazes me and makes me stand in awe.
The point of this post…to try and get you to review the Passion story of Christ. Read through it, think through it, and listen to it like it’s your first time ever hearing it. Approach Jesus and His story like a child and leave astounded and amazed. Listen to what your perfect Savior did for you and live in that love today…after all, a perfect Savior died for imperfect people!!

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