The Last Few Days

Over the last few days, it’s safe to say that I have faced some spiritual battles. Couple those spiritual battles with the fact that I have been literally worn out, and it’s made for a long couple of days.

Through this short little time, God has given me a new idea of living in and appreciating His love. See, it’s one thing to know that God loves us, it’s another thing to live in that love day in and day out.
When we’re living in appreciation of and the love of Christ, it changes our perspective on life. It allows us to appreciate the small things of life. It allows us to place meaning on everything that we do. Worship becomes more about the way we live our daily lives than the songs we sing on Sunday mornings.
On the other hand, only having a knowledge of the love of God, often can leave us wanting more. It’s not enough to just know it, we have learn to appreciate it in our spirit. We have to learn to appreciate what God’s done, does, and will continue to do each day of our lives…enough so that it changes our perspective and our life.
That’s what God’s been teaching me during a somewhat difficult last few days. What’s He up to in your life? Are you appreciating Him and walking in His love?

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