Patiently Excited

When I was in kindergarten, I learned a song that went something like…”Be patient, be patient, don’t be in such a hurry.”

Not the most well written of songs, but it was always a great reminder to an impatient kid to take my time and not get carried away with anticipation.
In James 5:8, James tells us to be patient and wait for the return of the Lord. This statement seems pretty much impossible, so it got me to thinking…
Impatience often brings about inactivity or activity without focus. Impatience often brings about apathy and loss of focus.
The reason we must be patiently waiting the return of the Lord is because we have a job to do that is too important to get apathetic or haphazard with. If we find ourselves getting impatient, we’ll also find ourselves…
  • Falling into the same sin over and over again.
  • Being of little to no use to the kingdom of God.
  • Keeping ourselves busy without any focus of our attention.
  • Going through the motions instead of passionately serving God.
  • Sucking the fun out of life.
So, yeah, be patient and wait for the Lord’s return. However, be excited about it because of the rewards He’ll bring!

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