My 2 Greatest Loves

In Mark 12:28-34 Jesus tells some of the “spiritual” people about the greatest command. What Jesus says doesn’t come as a shock for those that had followed Him and for those of us that follow Him today. Jesus said that the two greatest commandments are to love God and love others.
It’s these two commands that motivate me to be who I am. I have tremendous love for people. I love people of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I love to talk to people, to get to know people, and to help people. I love people so much that I care about their eternity.

The reason I love people…my love for God and His love for me. Because God loves me the way in which He does, I love both Him and others. My love for other people is a natural response to receiving the love of God.
These two things are what motivate me each day. To think that because I lived, my two loves may come together. To think that because I show genuine love to someone, they might love God, gets me excited and motivates me.
At the same time, my two loves keep me up some nights. To be so anxious to let people know about God and the greatest event in human history makes me lose sleep. To see the people that I love so dearly disown or reject the Savior of the world, makes me grieve. To see people struggling to grasp and understand God’s love frustrates me. To have something that I want to give to others so bad, often leaves me speechless.
And, I’m not sorry for it. I have received the love of Christ, understood that love enough to love others, and allow it to motivate my life!

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