Something New & Randomness

I’ve been trying to think of something new to add to the blog. I haven’t quite decided what it’s going to be yet, so here’s your chance! What would you like to see here on Maybe it’s something in the sidebar. Maybe you want to see a list of books I recommend. Maybe you want to see what songs are on my iPod. Maybe you would like to see more photos or more videos. Maybe it’s me writing about something specific. Whatever it may be, I want to know. Leave a comment or email me at jonathanfpearson at gmail dot com (trying to avoid spam email by spelling out the punctuation!).

By the way…this blog has been in a mess the last couple of days because I’ve been working on finding a template that I like. Because I’m a perfectionist, I’m having a rough time with it. So, I’ve decided to get as simple with it as I possibly can until I find something that catches my eye! Thanks for the patience!! (template suggestions are allowed too!)

Also, there’s a regular visitor to this blog near San Ramon, California. I think that’s really cool and would love to know who it is! Leave me a comment, please!

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