The other evening, I grabbed my keys, hat, water, and cell phone and went out the door. What I noticed when I got down the road was that I forgot my wallet. I had to drive really slow (I wasn’t going far) and try my best not to get pulled over. As I drove, I started thinking, I took all the things that I wanted to take with me, but forgot the thing that I really needed.

Not only is this a sign of the times we live in, but it’s also a pretty good illustration. I think that a lot of us often do this in life. We work so hard to get the stuff that we want and think we need, but often forget the things that are neccessities.

We work hard to impress others with our “spiritual works,” but fail to surrender our lives to Christ. We work extra hours to support our families financially, but are not around to support them emotionally. We spend time watching TV, but rarely crack open a Bible with our family. We spend hundreds of dollars a year on our children’s extra ciricular activities, but can’t afford to let them go on a spiritually enriching youth trip. We take our time and energy making the lawn look good, but can’t give up time to spend with our spouse. The list goes on and on, but the point–we often forget what’s really important in life.

Stop, take some time, and make a list of the things that should be important to you. Then, make a list of what you spend the most time, energy, and effort on. See where you need to change? Do it! Don’t forget your wallet because you think you have to have your cell phone!

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