Your Biggest Strength

I’ve met a lot of very insecure people. I have insecurities myself. If we were all honest, there’s something in our lives or about us that we’re not very secure about.

Often our temptation is to hide these insecurities and try to cover them up (often over compensating). Most of us would never admit publicly that we’re insecure about who we are, our weight, where we come from, our occupation, or even our family, but deep down, we know it’s there.
While these things aren’t necessarily sins, trying to cover them up often demolishes our uniqueness. And, often our uniqueness is what makes us valuable to the Kingdom of God.
See, I truly believe that God created us to be unique individuals with an individual purpose. These individual purposes are used together and make up the body of Christ. Often, however, by trying to cover up what we don’t like about ourselves, we make ourselves less useful to the body of Christ.
If you’ve made mistakes, have things about yourself that you don’t like, or come from somewhere you would rather not, instead of covering it up, try to use it. Maybe it’s that thing that you are insecure about that will allow you to help someone else. Maybe the atmosphere in which you grew up will make you able to reach people. Maybe your personality and your uniqueness can be used to advance the kingdom of God.
Use your uniqueness! There’s only one you and you have a purpose! Maybe your perceived weakness is your biggest strength!

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