What the Church Means to Me

The Church has certainly taken its lumps over the years. The Church has done some pretty ridiculous things throughout the course of history. However, the Church was the one organization that Christ established during His life on earth and He promised that the gates of hell would not prevail over her.

The spread of the Church in the book of Acts was a phenomenal move of God! The Church grew rapidly and her members were sold out to the vision that Christ had given them. The more persecution that the Church faced, the faster she grew in numbers (yes, the early church was about numbers!) The Acts Church was the foundation for what still exists today. The Church is still a living, growing, and moving organism. The Church is still promised that the gates of hell will not overcome her.

To me, the Church continues to be the hope of the world. The world is in need of a hope and a reason for looking to the future. People desire truth and desire to be freed. The Church still provides this through its message.

The Church is God’s one and only plan to have His name spread. God doesn’t have a plan B or a backup plan. It’s on the Church to make Him famous and to spread His Gospel.

The Church is a hospital for sinners. Christ said that He didn’t come for the well, but the sick. Sick people all across the world still need the healing power of Christ.

The Church is a place for belonging. None of us are perfect on our own merit, yet are righteous because of the sacrifice of Christ. The Church will continue to be a place of comfort, a place of hope, a place of growth, and the bride of Christ. The Church will not be overcome, but her members must be sold out to the mission and to her head…Christ !

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