This, That, & the Other

Some random stuff going on in my life…

-We’re growing! The youth attendance at CBC has tripled over the last 5 weeks. The thing that has helped us grow is people simply inviting their friends. It also goes to show you that no matter the age, preaching the Gospel works!

-We’re moving! Over the next few months, the youth and children at CBC will have different facilities and their own facilities. We’re making some renovations to an area that will become the youth area. It will have a place to do our youth worship service on Wednesday nights @ 7 :-) and a place for teens to hang out, play ping pong, and play video games. It will also have a cafe that will serve drinks and snacks each Wednesday. It will be something like the area has never seen!

The children’s area will have a large group space surrounded by individual rooms. All the space will be repainted. The large group area will have a stage and a flat screen TV. We’re also gonna do something a little different on Sunday mornings…it will be something like Neeses and the surrounding area has never seen!

-We’re headed to Atlanta in July for some vacation and relaxation time. Going to see the Braves play, which is always fun! It’ll be the first vacation that Melissa and I have taken since the honeymoon…hope it’s as fun!

-I’m headed to court tomorrow for a speeding ticket :-( The fun part is, I’m gonna try to pretend like I’m on Judge Judy!

-That’s it for now. Stay tuned, things are getting fun and exciting!

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