What God’s Teaching Me

Much of what God’s teaching me has been written on this blog before. That’s kind of what I do…share with you the things I’m learning. Just in case you missed it though, I wanted to share some of the things I’m working through…

-People let you down, God does not! People will fail us. People will disappoint and frustrate us. However, God is always faithful. We can’t look at the failures of ourselves and others and blame them on God. He’s faithful, we are not.

-Our first priority in life is to glorify God, not satisfy ourselves. I can be a pretty selfish person at times, but I have to realize that God’s calling on my life and His glorification are my reason for living.

-Negative thinking leads to negative results. While honesty and evaluation must take place, negativity shouldn’t. We need to be positive people.

-Take time! Take time to build your relationship with Christ. We often see time with God as something to check off our list, but He wants it to be much more than that. Take the time to spend with Him. It’s a discipline, but it has so many rewards.

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