Lessons From Success

As of Tuesday, my parents have been married 35 years. I’ve gotten to watch the last 22 and learn along the way. From what I’ve observed, here are some things I’ve learned from observing their marriage…

-What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. When troubles come, we can use them to make us stronger.

-Compromise is important. Marriage isn’t a dictatorship, it’s a partnership.

-Love really does still last!

-When you don’t know what to do, sometime you have to make it up and act on the fly.

-Forgiveness is essential!

-Being focused on God eliminates a lot of problems.

-Violence never solves anything (in all my years, I’ve never seen them come close to violent)!

-Sacrifice for your spouse…and children!

Those are just a few of the marriage lessons I’ve learned along the way, there are plenty more. Happy Anniversary you too! Get ’em Pops! ;-)

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