Nonspiritual People

I don’t remember who or where I hear this, but I remember the concept: “You can’t expect unspiritual people to behave in spiritual ways.”

Unspiritual people do unspiritual things. Not that the rest of us don’t do those same things, it’s just that we should know better.

Sometimes I get frustrated with people that curse in public. Sometimes I get mad at people for the way they treat their children. Sometimes I disagree with the way the person beside me is behaving. While this stuff frustrates me, it can’t surprise me.

As a matter of fact, the unspiritual people are the ones that I want to see. The unspiritual people are the ones that I want to hang with and build relationships with.

Don’t get aggravated when people are behaving the way they are taught and conditioned. Instead of getting mad and abandoning them, get excited that God has placed you in a position of impact and develop them…It seems like that’s what Christ did and would do!

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