If Ministry Were Easy

I twittered a few days ago, “If ministry were easy, everyone would be doing it.” Now, I know that I’m probably not the first to say this, but I think that there’s a lot of truth to it. I think we see evidence of it in our churches and in our world.

If it were easy to minister to those that are hurting and without a Savior, all people that consider themselves Christians would be doing it. If it weren’t hard work, tiring, and often frustrating, everyone would want to play a part in the work of God.

Truth is, it is hard work. It’s hard work to live out our faith on a daily basis. It’s hard work to build relationships so that we can share Christ with someone. It’s hard work to find ways to impact our community. It’s hard work to plan events that share the love of Christ. It’s hard work to excuse people for not acting the way we think they should when they come through the church doors.

It’s also a little messy. It’s never perfect, but when it’s done with excellence, God has a way of making it work. We may have to get uncomfortable, we may have to tolerate some offensive things, but when it works, the rewards are incredible!


  1. Most churches have become corporations, literally. We hire a minister to minister. We need someone to work our children’s ministry? We’ll hire a Minister of Children’s programs. Clean up after the monthly social, oh lets hire that done too. You know there is game on that night! Minister is over worked? We better hire an Associate minister. Before long we will be hiring Sunday School teachers too, you know we don’t have time to prepare a lesson.

    Most come to church to be served, not to serve. There needs to be Spiritual awakening of Christians, before we can have a Spritual awakening of the world. I know there are wonderful churches out there, but in my experience most are ministry starved.


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