Made for Growth

I tend to think that life is about something much different than it’s meant to be. I make life about what I think it should be about and often forget that God’s calling me to one thing…growth.

It’s God’s desire that each of us experience growth. It’s God’s desire that we experience growth in our relationship with Him. It’s God’s desire that all of us experience growth in our love for Him and our obedience to Him. It’s God’s desire that His kingdom sees growth because of the work that He does through His people.

Life is about growth. I don’t think that it’s coincidence that the first man was placed in a garden and given instructions to work it. It’s really how our lives are meant to be lived. We work, allow God to work in and through us, and produce fruit with what we do.

I pray for growth in me and through me!

Yes, life really SHOULD be that simple!

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