Not Just A Holiday!

The older I get, the more Easter becomes one of my favorite holidays! When I was a child, Easter was never at the top of the list because the presents weren’t very big. It seemed like the Easter bunny was stuck on giving out candy and small toys (nothing like what Santa left). These days, Easter is one of my favorite holidays.

I love what Easter symbolizes. I love the fact that my Savior’s not dead or made of gold, but rather alive and active! I love it that my Savior showed Satan who’s boss three days after His burial!

However, I think that a lot of people have forgotten the true importance of what took place. If we realized what Easter encompasses, we couldn’t be silent. If we realized what we’re celebrating, we couldn’t just sit in another church service. If we realized that, because of the resurrection, we have life abundantly and eternally, we couldn’t shut up!

I’ve found that most Christians have a harder time celebrating the resurrection than being quiet about it. I’ve found that more Christians enjoy boredom than celebration.

The question that I’m forced to ask myself is: “If I’m not excited about what’s been done for me, do I really know the One that did it?”

I hope we’ll all ask ourselves that question and in the process get excited about what our Savior did and does!

I hope we get excited enough about our Savior to die to ourselves and live for Him!

I hope we get excited enough about our Savior that we live in celebration, freedom, and victory!

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