Calling Before Age

One thing that I am probably a little self conscious about is being so young and trying to teach families how to raise their children. Sometimes I guess I feel like I don’t even deserve to be able to tell parents about what God has called them to do with their children. I’ve never had to stay up late worrying about when my children will come home, or had to worry about my newborn’s health problems. I’ve never changed my child’s diapers or had to worry about financially supporting my children.

My answer to all of these thoughts…gifting and anointing precedes experience. I feel like God has given me a gift to teach parents how to manage their children. I believe God has called me to teach His word no matter my age or experience. The word of God is relevant and necessary no matter how old the person teaching it is (2 Timothy 3:16).

God’s word has the ability to teach all of us. God’s calling is one that should be used with care and followed with care.

If you are a young leader, do what you’ve been called to do regardless of your age. If you’re a person that often discounts people because of their age, realize that the calling of God goes further than the age of the called.

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