Off the Path

I had one of those moments. One of those moments when you realize you had done something that you shouldn’t have. One of those ‘flesh’ moments. I had one of those moments when you find yourself at the end of the line and wonder, “How’d I get here.” It’s amazing that in those moments, that’s when God’s presence becomes the strongest. It’s amazing that in those moments when you really don’t deserve to be in God’s presence, His presence is felt the most.

There isn’t one particular experience that I’m referring to here, but we all have these moments. These moments when we don’t know when we started getting off track, but eventually it hits us that we’ve been there for a while.

From my experiences, it’s in these times when God wants to be closest to us. It’s in these times, that God seems to want to hear from us. He wants us to share our feelings. It’s in these times that God doesn’t want to kill us or strike us dead, but God wants to engage with us.

Where are you now? Do you feel too far down the wrong path to turn back to God? He’s waiting. Will you engage with Him?

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