Use What You Have

Most of us don’t have everything we think we need. Most of us think we would be much happier if we had more money, lost 20 pounds, looked like someone else, or even had a certain talent. Most of us think that there is something that, if we had it, would make us much happier and even more effective to God’s kingdom.

Too often, we think about what would make us better rather than using what we have. We have been blessed with uniqueness and a mission from God. If we wait until we get that certain thing that we think we need to begin doing something significant, we will probably never start.

Work what you have. Use your uniqueness and perceived short comings to do something positive. Use the tough situation you’ve been put in to make a significant contribution to someone’s life. Use what God’s given you and begin to make a difference for Him. Use what you have, the best you can…now!

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