Controlling Our Mouths

It’s really troubling to me when I hear the conversations people have about other people. People can be viciously down grading to people that they hardly know. Sometimes slander may even be a better word than down-grading.

Other people don’t give direct criticism of people, but rather talk about things that they’ve heard someone else did. This is also known most commonly as gossip.

What really amazes me is that the people that have the biggest propensity to gossip are also the ones that wonder why no one ever comes to them when they need to talk. The gossipers are the ones that wonder why no one ever asks for their advice.

It’s not hard to see why no one trusts these people when we are on the outside looking in, but we have to examine ourselves too. Are we those people that use our mouths as a way to down-grade people and then seek to be someone who gives advice? Can people trust our teaching and the advice that we give? Can people look at the way that we have carefully chosen our words in the past to trust what we’ll say to them?

Just something to think about today…

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