Lessons From Basketball

Lessons to be learned from playing or watching a game of basketball…

When the shots aren’t falling, just keep shooting.

When things seem to be going bad, the only thing we can do is keep on trying. We can’t give up because it’s then that we quit growing. We have to keep pressing on(Philippians 3:12)

Adjustments aren’t just good, they’re necessary!

Every team, no matter how well they’re doing, makes halftime adjustments. We have to make adjustments when things aren’t going well. We have to evaluate what we’re doing, maybe change some of the details, and then finish the game. Only careless people fail to adjust.

Loses can make you bitter or better.

Any time a team loses, they have an opportunity to learn and get better, or sulk and get bitter. We have the same choice in life. Tough circumstances often come into our life as a chance to make us better. We have to learn from what we did wrong and make the necessary adjustments.

Patience is power.

No matter how highly touted a freshman basketball player is, they are going to make mistakes. The ones that end up being really good are the ones that had patience themselves and had coaches that were patient with them. Be patient with other people when they make mistakes…gently try to make them better. Have patience with yourself. You aren’t supposed to be perfect.

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