How Do You Know?

How do you know when you have a good idea? Here are some steps that I go through before I decide to do something new…

1. Think about it from every angle possible. Does it make sense? Can it work where you are? Does it have appeal? Is it safe? Can you do it well and stay within budget?

2. Ask someone that has experience with what you’re doing. What have they learned? Do they think it will work?

3. Ask someone you trust and know will be honest. You really want to know if the idea you have will work…you have to be willing to hear the truth!

4. Pray. Ultimately, is God going to allow it to happen? Is He okay with it? Any reason He wouldn’t be?

I use this process when I’m trying to create an event or new idea. It will probably work with just about anything…maybe even a new recipe!

How do you decide if an idea is good?

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