Practice Makes Perfect

Why is it that we so often expect people to be perfect at something as soon as they start? Often times, we are unwilling to allow people to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

There are examples of this all the time in sports. Whether it be a head coach getting fired after one year on the job or booing a freshman quarterback for throwing an interception, we see examples of this in leadership where one mistake costs a someone their job. We even see examples of this in Christianity when a new Christian has a lapse back to their old ways.

We aren’t very patient. We aren’t very loving toward people that were bound to make mistakes from birth. 1 Corinthians 13 (“The Love Chapter”) says that, “Love is patient, love is kind.” The same chapter goes on to say that love doesn’t keep records of wrongs.

We have to be patient with people. We have to follow Christ’s example of dying for us, while we were sinners. We can’t expect people to be perfect from the start. Heck, we can’t expect people to be perfect toward the end. We have to love people through their mistakes and while they’re still imperfect. After all, only the mediocre are always at their best.

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