So You’re Having A Bad Day?

This morning, Melissa and I woke up (once again) to barely running water. Apparently, the water likes to freeze just enough at night to not work until it thaws out later in the day…even with it left running a little over night. That can get any one’s day off to a bad start!

This is just one, and probably a minor, example of things going wrong in our lives. Sometimes, things don’t work out as we had planned or as we had wanted…but, we ultimately choose if it’s going to get to us.

We get to choose what’s going to ruin our day, or sometimes, even our lives. How we deal with the little junk in life and our response to it goes a long way in living a happy and joyous life. So, however your day started…CHOOSE to make this day a good one and use it for all it’s worth!

And hey…it’s almost Friday!

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