My One Message

I was thinking about the message that I was going to share Saturday night at our youth worship service last week and God spoke to my heart. God said, “If I could only send one message by you, it would be that there is hope in Me.”

God wants that to be the message of all of us. Christ lived, died, and rose with this message. Peter shared this message at Pentacost and Paul further communicated this message to a world during his missionary journeys and writing. God is a God of hope. The hope that Christ gives to all people should be known to all people.

In a world of war, crime, materialism, and economical struggles, this message has never been more acceptable to people outside the Christian faith. People are searching for a ray of hope amongst their everyday, meaningless, and dead end lives. People are looking for a truth of hope and redemption.

Are you sharing it? Are you sharing it through words, actions, and deeds? The world needs hope…and Christ wants to provide it through us!

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