It Takes A Little Time

We certainly live in world where people want what they want immediately. As a matter of fact, some people want what they want today…yesterday. Many times, we actually get what we want now. From microwaves to PDA’s, we are able to do so much in such little time. There are, however, some things that still take a little time to happen. As a matter of fact, many times it’s the most important things that take a while to happen. Here are a few…

Growing in our relationship with Christ takes time. It takes us being willing to take the time to spend with Him. It won’t happen over night, but if we are faithful, He will be also. In fact, the book of James says that He’s willing to meet us half way!

Building relationships with people takes time as well. I didn’t meet Melissa and marry her the next day. It took time for us to get to know each other and build a solid relationship. Only then were we able to go to the next step.

Becoming more like Christ takes time. As we grow closer to Him, we begin to look more like Him. However, we are never done this side of eternity. We do have to continuously be seeking to be more like Him, but it can’t happen over night. I’ve known people in church that get saved and the rest of the church people cringe because they say a “bad” word. It takes time to become like Christ.

Changing attitudes takes time. Whether it be the culture of a church, the attitude of the people we work with, or children, it takes time. We have to be patient and be willing to slowly lead people toward an attitude shift.

Be patient! While we can have a lot right now, some things just take a little time.

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