Lift Up Jesus

God has been reminding lately that He wants to be lifted up. You may be saying, “duh,” but I don’t think I have ever before realized to what extent this goes.

God wants to be the center of everything I do. From my ministry work to my life at home, God wants to be lifted up and magnified in my life. When things go well, He wants to get the glory. When things are rough, He wants to get the glory…God wants to be exalted!

The really cool part of it is that God promises that He will draw all men to Himself when He is lifted up(John 12:32). In other words, that’s the secret of evangelism, that’s the secret of church growth, that’s the secret of success. Preaching the Gospel and lifting the name of Christ and exalting the Father of the world solves a lot of problems.

God wants the glory. In every part of our lives, we are to make Christ look good. In every part of our life, we are to display The Truth. In every part of our lives, we are to lift Christ up so that He can draw everyone to Himself.

Do you?

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