A Coaching Legend?

I’m not an NFL expert by any means. I am really loyal to the Carolina Panthers and that’s about it. However, I am a sports fan and watch other football whenever I can. For the past few years, I have become aware of a head coach in the NFL that really understands the concept of living out his faith in his every day life. Several years ago, this man’s son committed suicide. It would have been a great time for him to publicly blame God and turn his back on his faith. He didn’t. Instead, this man used it as a platform to publicly show his faith yet again. A year or two later, his team won the Super Bowl. Being an African American head coach and facing another team with an African American head coach, he was asked, after the game, about what it meant to him. Watch and see…

Tony Dungy retired yesterday. I would have to say…job well done!

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