Keeping Vision

Vision can often get fuzzy while in the heat of battle. Our temporary frustrations combined with our desire for comfort can often prohibit us from seeing our vision. We often become frustrated to the point of calling it quits and returning to the mediocre accomplishments that we had before.

We see an example of this in Exodus 14. When the Israelites got to the Red Sea, they suddenly saw no way out. They even reminded God of something they had said earlier. The Israelites told God that they were fine in Egypt and that they would rather have stayed in slavery (my paraphrase).

Sometimes, that is our attitude. We get frustrated with the struggles that are necessary for the vision to be accomplished. We get stuck with seemingly no end and want things as they were before.
We know the end of that Exodus 14 story. God used Moses to part the Red Sea and drowned the Egyptians. God’s vision and plan was accomplished, even through the tough circumstances. Or, we could say that God’s vision was accomplished BECAUSE of the tough circumstances. Ultimately, God was glorified, others believed, and the Israelites were freed.
Don’t blow your chance at a miracle because of the tough circumstances! Keep fighting for your teenager, keep disciplining your child, keep getting up and going to work, keep serving at church…your vision is possible!

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