I’m no marketing expert, but I do know that when someone recognizes a brand, they are more likely to trust it. When given the choice between a brand that someone recognizes and one they don’t, they are going to pick the one that recognize (at the same price).

College football teams recognize this. Many teams play games whenever T.V. networks will broadcast their game because they want people to know about them. The Thursday night college football game on ESPN is one of the most widely viewed games. Teams fight over those Thursday night games so that they can know they will be on national T.V. As a matter of fact, it actually helps recruiting because prospective players have seen the school on T.V.

A lot of debate goes on to whether the church should be involved in marketing, but all churches do it. All churches have a sign out front with their name on it…that’s a part of marketing.
The more that we can have people see our churches logo, name, or colors, the better. The more people recognize a Christian organization, the better for that organization and Christianity as a whole.

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