Focused On Purpose

One of the most important things that can be revealed to a Christian is their individual purpose in life. After finding our purpose, it motivates us and strengthens us to see it accomplished. What often happens, however, is that other things begin to cloud our view of the purpose that God has called us to. Often times, the mess of life hinders us from accomplishing God’s purpose. 

It’s not always sin and bad things that hinder us from what God has prepared in advance for us to do. Sometimes, it’s helpful and good things that keep us from fulfilling God’s purpose. As a matter of fact, there are churches all across the world that lose sight of their purpose because of things that they do…good things. In many churches, well intentioned people and programs strain the church of people, energy, and resources. Ministries that were relevant and accomplished a purpose ten years ago, often only choke the life of a church today. We have to be focused on accomplishing God’s purpose, not satisfying  our selves or a select few. We have to stay focused on our purpose, it’s too important to waste!
We have to realize our purpose, learn what it will take to accomplish it, and run to make it happen! Know your purpose and follow it!

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